Linda Wrigley


I am Linda Wrigley, a hair replacement and restoration professional and owner of Homage to Hair. I invite you to visit me at Homage to Hair and experience the passion I have for helping my clients. You won’t meet a more compassionate, caring professional waiting to help you with your hair needs. Unlike other hair replacement/restoration salons, we are not in this for a one time shot at getting your business. We are in this industry to share our knowledge, talents, and compassion that can only be proven through long term relationships. My mission is to help you to the best of my abilities and ensure that you retain your quality of life and self love.

 At Homage to Hair I am completely dedicated to the journey of my clients. I cultivate trust and communication by taking the time to learn about each and every persons experience and recommending the best available treatments. When you become a client you don’t become an appointment in a book, you become a part of my extended family. I believe you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than excellent service and feeling like yourself again.

“I don’t want my customers coming to me because they have to, I want them to come because they want to. They trust that I will provide them with far superior service than they could receive elsewhere. They know if they have a problem, I will do anything and everything to get them back on track” – Linda Wrigley