Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! We are still writing out our list of questions and answers that we get the most. For now, we have some of the basics ready for you. If you are in need of information about Homage to Hair and the services we provide, please contact us here. 


Where is Homage to Hair located?

We are located in NE San Antonio, Texas, USA. Our address is 8500 Village Drive suite 202

What are your hours of business?

We operate between 9am to 6pm Central Standard Time

Is Homage to Hair a medical facility?

Homage to Hair is NOT a medical facility however many of our clients have been referred to us by their doctors. We are a Hair Loss Replacement and Educational clinic.

Is Homage to Hair a salon?

We provide salon services specifically to those experiencing most types of hair loss based on individual needs. Typical salons are in the business of styling hair while Homage to Hair provides in depth consultations and creates a personalized road map for each client to achieve his or her goals.