When you are experiencing hair loss, going to a standard salon, no matter how skilled/expensive/exclusive, can be a less than gratifying experience. Homage to Hair was founded specifically due to clients needing more than basic styling. Here is a list of our salon services, for further information, feel free to contact us.

Partial Hair Piece System

  • Change Out: Removal and cleansing of system, cleansing of the scalp, mask (if needed), re-adhere to the scalp.

Change Out Add-Ons

  • Color System Only
  • Color Natural Hair + System
  • Color Clients Hair with their color
  • Hair Cut (no flat iron)

Services for systems purchased elsewhere

  • Cut in system
  • Cut in + Adhere system

Non Chemical Services

  • Hair Cut (No Shampoo)
  • Shampoo + Haircut (no blowdry/flat iron)
  • Shampoo + Cut + Style
  • Shampoo + Blow Dry
  • Shampoo + Blow Dry + Flat Iron
  • Shampoo + Set + Style
  • Spritz + Blow dry + Style

Chemical Services

Clients must sign a release statement prior to chemical treatments
  • Color Process
  • Partial High Lights
  • Full High Lights
  • Perm
  • Design Essential Silk Strengthening Process (3wks in a row)
  • Color Correction
  • G33 System for Human Hair Wig

All repairs and/or additional color processes (high/low lights) will be quoted at the appointment. Quotes are based on a variety of factors such a hair length, previously treated hair, and additional services requested/suggested.


  • Shampoo + Syle synthetic wig
  • Shampoo + Style human hair wig
  • Shampoo + Condition + Style synthetic wig
  • Shampoo + Condition + style human hair
  • Deep Conditioning + Blowout for synthetic or human hair

Additional Services

    • Repair Base Cap
    • Replace Clips
    • Re-attach Clips
    • Cut Fringe
    • Cut Hair piece purchased elsewhere
    • Custom sizing of any wig
    • Lace Front Repair
    • Recut or restyle wig
    • Add human hair up to 5″
    • Add human hair over 5″
    • Remove frizz from synthetics

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