I first visited Homage to Hair and met Linda a little over a year ago when I came in for a free consultation. I was receiving service at another salon and was not satisfied in the care (or lack thereof) that I was receiving. Linda and I immediately clicked. She understood my concerns, explained how she could help, and offered to book me the same week at a reduced rate so I could experience her service first-hand. I took her up on the offer, and I haven’t looked back since.

She is highly knowledgeable about all things hair and has a real talent and eye for detail. She’ll work as fast or as slow as you need her to, and she is completely open to suggestions. You become partners in this journey. Her compassion shines through, and you know you aren’t just a name in a book. I’m greeted with a hug when I walk in and a bigger one when I walk out. Linda, in a word, is AWESOME!


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