Homage to Hair is a business with three major strengths: outstanding customer service, high quality products, along with an extremely trained and experienced owner. When visiting the salon, owner Linda makes each customer feel valued and comfortable, giving each client a warm, individualized service. She will go the second mile to ensure that each client is satisfied. Whether offering a snack or a soda, she makes the client feel at home, and each visit is a relaxing and enjoyable treat. She provides high quality yet affordable products that enhance each person’s hair, and she gives excellent advice for hair care and demonstrates an expertise that comes from staying abreast with new industry techniques and products. She truly cares about her customers, and she’s not only a great professional but also becomes a friend.

Margaret R

I have been dealing with my hair loss issues for 20+ yrs., so I have seen and experienced all kinds of service providers. About six years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Linda and having her service my hair needs. She was honest from the beginning, explaining that she had just entered the “hair replacement/restoration” area of cosmetology. My first conversation with her set the groundwork for our ongoing relationship. She spoke honestly regarding her lack of experience thru years of practice, but her compassion for her clients’ hair loss issues drove her to educate herself so she could not only provide service, but educate each client with the knowledge she was learning.

Linda is very committed to providing me with the best products, exceptional service and a commitment ensuring me I can take a nap while she does her magic. And it truly is magic, for she has gained my trust and my business, because I know she has my best interest in mind. I followed her to Homage To Hair when she branched out on her own, and I have no plan to leave. Linda has a client for life here.

A single consultation will prove everything I said above to be fact.

Larry W

My family relocates often due to our jobs. Linda is by far the best provider I have had. She provides a personalized, caring touch. She listens to the clients wishes. She also becomes a family member. I would fly her in monthly if I could.

I have known Linda for a long time now, about 6 years. Linda is a total professional in the service she provides to me and all her clients, I would follow her where ever she goes, because nobody does the work like she does. And as time passes I appreciate Linda like family and I love the service provided at her salon. The fact that Linda is bilingual makes my experience all that much more pleasant. If there were an award for professional people like her, she would earn an Oscar!
Linda , you are appreciated and love by me and my family.
Tony G

It is hard enough to find a good hair dresser but to find one with heart of gold is priceless! Not only is Linda awesome at her craft but she is so genuinely caring of her clients. It is not easy for women to deal with hair loss due to illness or stress. Linda opens her heart to make you ,as a client, feel special. Thank you Linda for the wonderful service you provide!


Linda Wrigley has been my Hair Stylist & Confidant for 5 years ,she is very dependable & knowledgeable in the latest techniques & applications in all areas in the hair styling industry .She is always very attentive in making sure your hair is healthy & you are pleased with her work.I highly recommend her for all your hair styling needs .
J. Austin